Thursday, September 30, 2010

News and Notes, September Edition

In an effort to update the blog regularly, I thought I'd have a monthly post with random news and notes from the month that pertain to Candy or Medicine, its contributors or mini-comics in general. It will be a good place to mention reviews, upcoming publications from contributors and the like. Anyway...

  • Silent V #2 by Kyle Baddeley (who you know from Candy or Medicine Vol. 11) is reviewed by The Comics Journal.
  • The Poopsheet Foundation website is back up. This was a nice website focusing on mini-comics that I used to read regularly, so its nice to see it back online after a short hiatus. It's a social media/forum type sit on which you can still purchase mini-comics.
  • Thanks to Midnight Fiction for the shout out about Candy or Medicine Vol. 11, Postal b/w I Yam What I Yam and Apartment 307...One Year Later.
  • Dan McEwen (from Candy or Medicine Vol. 9) has just released Drawings Blanks #2. At $2, it's a steal. 
  • Thanks to Sam Spina for announcing the new issue of Candy or Medicine on his blog (picture and all!). I always enjoy seeing photos of Candy or Medicine in other locations.
That is all.

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